The technical team here at Airsoft GI is constantly dreaming up new variations of custom airsoft guns to meet the needs of our discerning clients. We combine the best parts on the market to create unique designs that are only available here. Basically, if you're looking for a custom airsoft gun that feels tailor-made to you, and doesn't skimp on power or performance in any way, you'll want to take a stroll through this selection. We make custom airsoft pistols, rifles, shotguns and other styles that include tons of awesome upgrades to save you money on the best models.

Our customs range from the most realistic-looking and feeling airsoft AR15s and authentic airsoft GBB guns for a realistic shot, to affordable AEGs that combine great features without breaking the bank. Our custom airsoft guns implement only our favorite components by the best manufacturers, including G&G, KWA, KRYTAC and more, all of which are proven in terms of performance and quality. All of the custom airsoft guns for sale at Airsoft GI are backed by our 45-day warranty and include full tech support if you ever run into an issue. Please note that all custom guns require 10 business days to build.

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