Airsoft GI KWA CQR A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Rifle

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The KWA M4 A1 CQR is a serious game changer for the airsoft community. There has never been a gun of this high quality for sale at such a low price, and never have we built a gun with such a high value per dollar ratio, ever! The brilliant techs at Airsoft GI began building the Airsoft GI KWA CQR A3 Rifle AEG with the KWA M4 CQR, which is virtually the same as the current KWA 2GX AEG's with one exception, the lower receiver is made of high quality fiber reinforced polymer, bringing the price down quite significantly. From there, they have fitted this base gun with a 12" Free Float RIS, flip up front and rear sights, and a 6.03 precision inner barrel. As a result, the final product is a unique carbine with a flush, intimidating look and sturdy front end.

The CQR series received its name because of the growing demand for high value close quarters combat guns. As a result the CQR is designed to fire at lower velocities to maximize safety during close quarters engagements. The heart of the CQR is the 2GX gear box, a tried and true design that has won the hearts and minds of airsoft players around the world. The CQR also features an adjustable LE stock, metal upper receiver, removable rear sight (perfect for the use of optics), metal one piece barrel, a 2GX hop up unit and bucking. KWA's track record for producing high quality airsoft guns continues with the CQR. Pair this with the innovation and extensive knowledge of our in-house techs, and we are building some of the highest quality guns that money can buy.

Manufacturer: Airsoft GI
Model: KWA CQR A3 Rifle
Muzzle Velocity: TBA
Magazine Capacity: TBA
Package Includes: TBA

Durable polymer lower with metal upper
Free float RIS
2GX gearbox
KWA base gun


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